The Things That Go Bump In The Night - for iPhone & Android

The first Quest-powered iPhone and Android app is here - a text adventure specifically designed for smartphones.

Read all about it on the blog: … d-android/
App Store: … ?ls=1&mt=8
Android Market: … droid.bump

Any game written for Quest 5 can now be turned into an app - so if you’re interested in writing a game for the app store, please email me at

I don’t have either device yet, but just wanted to say congratulations on taking this step.

Nifty. Snagging it to my phone e’en now.

Does night security work really only pay $9 an hour in the US? No wonder you’re #occupying Wall Street. Here in Australia, even an entry-level security guard gets $22+ (IIRC) an hour for casual night shifts, more on weekends.

On topic: it looks like the Android app either doesn’t have a landscape mode or it doesn’t work on my phone (HTC Desire Z). Which is a shame, because it means I can’t use my phone’s QWERTY keyboard to play the game. Also, when I tap on a button in an action menu (Look At/Take/etc.), there’s no visual feedback to indicate that I tapped that button, and sometimes it will instead highlight a link underneath the menu. But otherwise the app looks really nice, congratulations!

Yeah, 8-10 is an average rate for basic security work in the U.S. While I don’t work in security myself, all jobs (wearing a multitude of hats) I’ve held since 1999 have been in the 9-11$ an hour range here in the southeastern U.S.

On topic: Congratulations Alex! I do have fun doing stuff in the Quest system, though I haven’t made a lot in it yet. Any plans for a Linux port yet?

It actually depends on what part of the country you’re in and what type of security guard you are. Unarmed security pretty much does nothing but “Observe and Report”. They’re not really placing themselves in any danger. Just false reassurance.

Armed security gaurds, who work at banks, check cashing places and the like, tend to make a little more. But their responsibilities would put them in harm’s way.

But even the honest to goodness cops around here don’t get paid very well. When I first got out of the army, I was looking into becoming a state trooper. I think the starting pay was somewhere in the vicinity of $14.

Thanks for the comments so far!

Tim works as a security guard so I believe the details in the game are pretty accurate (though hopefully he deals with rather fewer monsters in real life!)

The app is only portrait mode at the moment - I need to do a bit more work to make it cope better with different orientations and layouts, so I will implement this in an update soon.

I don’t have immediate plans for a Linux port, though I’d be happy to collaborate on this if someone wants to pick it up. Quest runs in .net so it could work on Linux using Mono, but the UI would need to be redone. I’m also working on a web-based editor which may remove much of the need for a Linux version.

Congrats on getting this out there, and good luck!


Just posted a bug-fix update for the Android version. This fixes the visual feedback issue, so you now have a better idea of what you tapped in the menus and lists.

Other improvements (like working in landscape mode, and better layout on big screens) are still in the pipeline for v1.1.

I downloaded this and am poking around in the game. I like it so far! ^5