The Tent annual New Year's Minicomp!

Holy Moses, it has been 10 years.

And once again it’s my great pleasure to announce the New Year’s Minicomp.

What, you haven’t heard of it ? Were you born in a tent?

The Tent annual New Year’s Minicomp

For those unfamiliar with this, a short explanation as to the motivation behind it.
It’s meant to offer people a chance at writing a small work of IF at the end of the year. This year, we follow our tradition of having next to no rules:

  1. Write whatever game you like, in any system you like. (Take note of the CF announcement below).

  2. Finish any project you have been working on.

Any approach that lies between the two is also okay.

If you’re thinking “So am I allowed to…” the answer is „yes, absolutely, please do“. To make it clear: You have to work very hard to come up with something I won’t allow as an entry. ( [Anything illegal or in bad faith will be disqualified. No refunds.]

If you’re in need of some inspiration the IF Name Generator which can be found here :

Games should be submitted to by 23:59 GMT+1, Jan 2rd 2017.

The games will be played on Clubfloyd on January 7th (Thanks, Jacq!) So, if you want your game to be CF compatible, choose your format accordingly. According to ifwiki:

Thank you and , most importantly, have fun!

I’m gonna be That Guy: are we allowed to submit IFComp games?

Can I submit a game I’ve already shared the WIP of publicly? Not a complete WIP or anything, but still.

Also, is there any hope of making CF play nicely with ink games before the year is out?

I had a really great experience one year submitting a revision of my EctoComp game, if that helps answer the previous questions!

WIP : yes.

IFComp: well, I don’t feel that would be fair if it’s exactly the same version. The spirit of the comp is that you feel compelled to finish something you’ve been working on or write something small , not just resubmit something. So if it’s a majorly reworked version: yes; otherwise, no. (End if)


Games will be played Sunday 8th, of course.

The 7th is a Saturday.

My apologies.

Anatidaephobia is in!

Uh, it looks like there must be a mistake in the email address Tale provided. I’ve PM’d my entry to him, while awaiting confirmation about this issue.

3 entries so far!

Okay, I’m going to bed now. 3 hours to go and I will NOT, repeat NOT, accept any late entries until noon tomorrow.

Just curious. Is “tent” just a typo or is there a pun of some sort that I’m not getting?

It’s a pun (Were you born in a tent?) These always had puny titles.

The results are in! We have 4 games, yay! If you feel your game should be on this list but isn’t, drop my an email (remove the SPAM, please, that threw a surprising number of people of… )

The games are:
A N A T I D A E P H O B I A by Peregrine Wade
The Horste by Roger Carbol
Yami-Nabe!! by Brian Kwak
The day I shot Alex by Marius Müller

See you all on Sunday (the games will be uploaded to IFDB sometime after that).