The .t3c file?

The documentation mentions a .t3c file and says “The project file contains information on the window layout, debugger breakpoints, option settings, and build parameters.”

I would actually like this because right now it looks like that information gets shoved into the .t3m file, which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me given that the .t3m should be a “build” file and should have no concern about IDE layouts. (In fact, I would think the “build” file is independent of any specific IDE concerns.)

But where is this .t3c file? When does it get generated? I have yet to see it appear. The “and build parameters” makes me think that perhaps – just perhaps – the .t3c file became a .t3m file. If that’s the case then (1) the documentation should be updated and (2) I really think there is benefit to having layout information separate from a build file. I do think a distinction between a .t3c and a .t3m is useful.

Where do you see that mentioned? I can’t find that particular quote anywhere. The file does exist, but there’s only one, and it contains global Workbench settings for all projects.

A couple people have previously suggested separating out the per-project IDE data from the build data, specifically because of the version-control impact. I agree that this is a good idea, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet; it’s probably not a huge deal to implement since obviously the configuration store is already separating the data into two groups when it rewrites the .t3m file.

If you click Workbench Help (F1), the help file has a section called:

“Project (.t3c) Files”

That was the only place I’ve found it mentioned so far.

Thanks - I missed that section in my searching. That’s definitely some out-of-date stuff; I’ll try to bring it into the 90s. :slight_smile: