The Star Gods for Android

Hello everyone,

I am working on an interactive fiction short story for the android. I have uploaded it to the android market. It is a free app. Please anyone with an android, download my app and let me know how to improve it. It is my first android program and my first interactive fiction short story.

It is called the star gods. It is by William Taylor. It uses the twisty interactive fiction android interpreter.

Thank you very much for your time.

If it uses Twisty, doesn’t that mean it’s also in ZCode format? And if so, can’t you distribute the .z* file? Not everyone has an Android, but pretty much everyone has a ZMachine of some sort…

Hm. The page on the Android Market indicates that it requires Twisty, which is confusing (doesn’t that mean it is just a z-code file?) and discouraging, since Twisty works very poorly on my device, anyway (to the point where I no longer keep it installed). Not touching this with a ten-foot-whatever 'til it’s clearer what it is :frowning:

The android app takes the star gods z8 file and uploads it onto the sdcard. The user then starts twisty and goes to the menu which gives the option to look for z8 files on the sdcard. I am new to all of this and thought this was a good way to distribute it. I have the zcode but dont know how to distribute it. Where can I upload the z8 file to?

Does anyone know of another android z-interpreter?

Not one that’s really up to speed yet. Twisty is getting there, Hunky Punk is getting there.

You can upload your file to the IF archive; this might take a little while to appear, and won’t give you any publicity at all (it’ll show up as a file in a long list of other files), but it’ll give your z8 file a home on the web that you can publicize and announce (here, for instance) and where people can get it.

Don’t let this advice stop you from putting it in the Android marketplace! (Though I don’t know anything about Androids. Except that they tend to malfunction in high temperatures.) The IF Archive can just serve as a repository for non-Android folk to get your z8 file.

If you put something on the IF archive, you can publicize it through IFDB, however – you’d want to make a page for the game; add a link to the archive file; add a description and cover art, if you like; and perhaps even make a news item that will show up on the IFDB front page alerting everyone that it exists.

In fact, you can do all that even if your game is only appearing in the Android store. Having a game on IFDB means that people can post reviews and add the game to polls and recommended lists, so it’s nice to do.

I uploaded the files but I did not choose an additional directory. Now I cannot find the files.

I can confirm that the game downloads and works on an Android just as he says. As for uploading and finding the files in the archive Will, you’ve got to give it a few days and they’ll email you.

Hello everyone,

Did anyone who downloaded The Star Gods have trouble talking to the old man who teaches magic, or the demon Thanos who serves the player? Is the game hard? Is it ok? Did anyone stop the invasion of the earth? Did anyone find the princess?

I’m the main maintainer for Twisty, and I apologize for its anemia. We’re in the middle of a complete rewrite – instead of a poor port of the java ‘zplet’ to Android, the new version is actually an attempt to write a clean GLK layer using Java’s JNI interface. The rewrite is actually using ‘nitfol’ (C language) as its backend interpreter, and will eventually use glulxe or git for glulx games.

I simply need more round tuits to get this thing done. :-/

[assorted cheers of support, if those help at all]