The Sinking City

I know this might not be considered IF by some people and it’s probably like the 150th Lovecraft thing you’ve heard of this week, but I’m interested in The Sinking City.

I just saw the gameplay video below, and it seems to get the cosmic horror vibe way better than other recent offerings which feel like shooters with a slapped-on color-out-of-space coat of paint. The denouement always tends to be ooo bet you didn’t expect a big cthulhu thing with tentacles - aaaaand credits.

This gameplay video suggests TSC is exploratory open world with non-euclidean geometry, skills and perception, dialogue choices, characters with Innsmouth genetics, and assembly of text passages to form conclusions in a 30-hour supernatural detective thriller.


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It looks cool, but the Steam page talks up guns as a pretty significant part of the game. I’d assume it’s a shooter at heart unless they make an effort to say otherwise.

Huh, Frogwares, though. That’s a studio that’s been around the block. I played some of their Sherlock Holmes games ten years ago.

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True. But it sounds at least like that’s not the only interesting part of it.