The Richard Mines - Evan Wright

The blurb contains this sentence: “No one has found found yet, until now…” Can you spot the error? Ah, fun & games.

If you squint, the blurb and Release Notes (in the download package) contain something of an interesting backstory. But there’s no story, or much of anything else, to be found found in the game itself. The whole thing plays like a simplistic test case for being able to compile and run an Inform game, but with more locations. Very few nouns have been implemented, and most of those that were do not bear a description. Verbs are a problem too, culminating in one of the most severe guess-the-verb problems I’ve ever seen. The game is also replete with head-scratching grammatical errors and typos. I just don’t know what happened.

On the plus side, here’s a game that works and has a couple of decent puzzles. You can play it, and you can finish it. Quickly, too, as there’s not much to read, if you keep in mind that the verb you need on the final puzzle is…


Don’t read that spoiler. Throw yourself against the guess-the-verb: that’s my advice, adventurer.

I have posted a review and transcript here:

  • Jack