The Path: A minimalistic adventure by Chris Ainsley

I have just discovered this amazing small game called The Path, made by Chris Ainsley with his tool Adventuron.

It’s simple to play, minimalistic, and i think very original, so I thought it would be great to share it with you. And also create my first post in this playing area. Are there more creators than players? Well, perhaps, but… well, that is not the path.

You can play online with web browser from


The sound effects sound just like my old Apple II. Could not figure out how to get past the skeleton.

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Skeleton: Give him his missing jaw bone.

I couldn’t figure out how to get past the “sickness”, or how to do anything on hard mode. And it took me a while to figure out what The articles of sacrifice are your burden… meant.

Edit: Oh, I see. On hard mode you have to ignore the game’s help which says All commands in the game are one or two words only because otherwise you can’t get past the first obstacle.

Also, it seems like it gives the obstacles in a somewhat random order, and sometimes you have already used the item which will let you past, e.g. when I first saw the sickness I had already used the item I needed on the vampire. So it just seems randomly unfair. Bleh.

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Oh, I gave the bone to the dog, because I sacrificed the steak at the beginning.

Yes, not a fair game, but surprisingly fun… kinda like life.

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So it just seems randomly unfair. Bleh

I understand why you might feel like it’s randomly unfair - but it actually isn’t.

It’s only pseudo-random. There will never be a game created that is not winnable, but it is possible to use the wrong items and make the game unwinnable.

Every game features exactly the same obstacles , but the obstacles are delivered in a semi-random order. Certain obstacles appear at fixed position, certain obstacles are randomised in the sequence.

That is to say, you cannot create a solution to the game with a fixed script, but you can use the same solutions on the same obstacles, and the game will always be winnable.

Learning the pattern of dead ends and finding “the path”, is the game. Although I was purposefully vague. Once you learn the “combination” though, it’s easy to win the game 100% of the time. It starts with your choice of sacrifice.

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The game is only unfair in that you can destroy your chances of winning by using the wrong combination of solutions. Some lateral thinking in required in one or two places. It’s surprising to me how many people get stuck on sickness.

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Well, if that’s the case, you should make it less horribly unfriendly to replays. The text speed and all the extremely long unskippable delays were super annoying even the first time through, and on replays you’re just spending most of your time twiddling your thumbs waiting for the game to let you type again.