The one wine to drink before I die?

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I don’t drink wine and am not going to die soon, but let’s imagine I want to drink only ONE wine in my life and maybe die then, which wine would it be?


I mean, if you’re maybe going to die after drinking it, I think the main determining factor would be to make it as big as possible. I think a Nebuchadnezzar is the biggest bottle conventionally available? So probably go for one of those.

(I am also not a wine drinker).


If you mean with this that a big bottle pushes further the death after drinking, then yes, a 15 liter bottle will save me some time.

But let’s imagine I would live in a quite totalitarian land and would have said “The guy ruling my country is an idiot.” And let’s further assume I was sentenced to death because of this. Now I have a free wish (like cigarette, meal, drink) immediatly before they execute me. And I think “Cigarettes are overrated. But people kept talking about how great wine is. And I will have ONE wine which should really the most enjoyable I can get.”

Then a Bordeaux perhaps? Or a white wine? Which label, which year?


I cordially (heh) dislike most alcoholic drinks, but I drink Baileys, Moscato—aka sugar water in wine form—and spiced honey mead. I recommend them all, naturally, although only Moscato is actually a wine (mead has its own category and pairs very nicely with Henry Cavill in a bathtub).

Probably for my final request I’d get something to make me blinding drunk.

Or, if I’m allowed any drink on earth, I’d request a nice big bottle of the totalitarian ruler’s blood.


The answer is: depends! You could buy some unfathomably expensive Burgundy Pinot Noir Grand Cru, but if you don’t like robust earthy finesse, you’ll be disappointed. You could instead buy a relatively cheap Marlborough wine from New Zealand with an electric tropical burst, and maybe you’d enjoy that much more. So it’s not necessarily about price, rarity, age, but rather much more about your taste. The wine I’d recommend you to drink before you die is one that brings you joy, ideally one which can bring back some good memories of those you’ll be leaving behind.


Well, to me, the point of wine is there is infinite variety. You can go in the bottle shop and randomly pick a different bottle every single time if you want, even within your preferred types. If you’re open to drinking any type, there’s even more variety.

So I usually pick something that vaguely matches the weather and my mood, and if I like it I might have the goal to get some more of it next time But half the time I won’t remember exactly which one it was unless I wrote it down. I never write it down.

In conclusion, my boring (but true… truer than anything those awful food snobs will tell you, they are the worst liars in the world) response is that no one wine is the answer to life the universe and everything.

Kaemi alluded to one of my tastes - NZ Marlboroughs are just way too good for how cheap they are.



Easy. Jurançon, a very sweet desert white wine.
If you’re about to die, finish on a sweet note.

(As a French person, I pick my wines by the label design. Does it look fun? Does it look cool? So far, the technique’s been working)


If sake counts as wine, then I would go for a nice hot sake.


I love the really strong red ones, like Italian Amarone, but they’re probably terrible as your first wine! So maybe you would indeed be best of with a white dessert wine. :slight_smile:


NZ Marlboroughs are a good call. They’re my go-to wine when I take a bottle to a party, and with my NZ heritage† it’s nice to feel that I’m supporting Aotearoa.

Beer is my drink of choice, a hoppy IPA for preference. But the point of alcohol is to drink it with friends and enjoy their company and have a laugh as the conversation gets sillier and sillier.†† Without those silly drunken conversations to look forward to, and look back on, I don’t think I could cope with this rotten old world. I only ever drink alone when I’m feeling lonely and FOMO, and afterwards it always feels like a waste of money.

† If one generation can truly be called “heritage”.
†† The absolute pinnacle of these conversations was the one my friends and I had on NYE 2021 about swans. Dear God. :joy:


Former: bartender; restaurant manager; aficionado, all things alcohol
Current: non-drinker

The main rule with wine (or really any beverage) is: drink what you like and forget about the conventions. If you don’t know what you like, then:

  1. Find a nice restaurant that serves an outstanding version of your favorite dish (entree / dessert / whatever) and employs a sommelier. For a truly once-before-I-die experience, it must be an actual sommelier (level 3 or above, if you can find one), not a wine steward or very-knowledgeable server. (Note that there are many knowledgeable people who will do nicely, but you’re dying here, right?).

  2. Order that dish and ask for the sommelier’s recommended wine pairing.

  3. Eat and drink.

  4. Die. (optional)

In all seriousness, the real beauty of wine is in its pairing with food. The right pairing can make the food taste better and the wine taste like it’s the best you’ve ever had. My recommendation when eating out is to ask for a recommended pairing. If the server looks at all confused, ask the bartender, manager, etc. Another rule of thumb: if you are given three or more options that are of the same varietal, choose the second-most expensive one, which is usually as good, but not as trendy or over-priced, as the most expensive one. (This doesn’t apply when dealing with a sommeliers; they probably won’t risk their reputations to price-gouge a genuinely inquisitive guest.)


Hehe, I guessed that (even without drinking any wine yet). But maybe it can lift your mood for some minutes? (Off course excessive drinking of alcohol spoils that effect if it exists.)


Thx, those are good recommendations. All wine-drinking people I know say that it depends on the food. So that must be true.

As someone mentioned beer: I would probably be a beer drinker but occasionally drink wine. There is a border going through Germany: The regions where the Romans or Napoleon were, there people favour wine, the rest favours beer.


I was in the Moseltal this summer. What a wonderful place, and what great wines!


Bold statement!


Yeah, true! Mors certa hora incerta, as the Romans said (Death is certain, the hour is uncertain.)

But I wanted to express with this that my question is purely theoretical and that I’m neither suicidal nor lethally ill.


Seconding this with all the hands I have.

My first thought reading this thread title was that I’d take certain death as an excuse to get my hands on a Sauternes bottle. It’s a sweet white wine made from grapes affected by a specific type of fungus that causes the water inside the fruit to evaporate and concentrates the sugars, producing a more concentrated final product. End life on a sweet note, right? :joy::wine_glass: But as for a personal favourite, I’d also join Onno and have a nice hot sake. Delicious, sweet, and just rules-bendy enough to satisfy my desire to not go quietly.



I won’t live long enough to feel the alcohol (and I dislike how alcoholic drinks taste), so I might as well go as exotic as I can and make it worth my while.

Also I’d specify a gallon of their blood. Depending on how thoroughly my request is executed, I’d take the ruler down with me, too.


A gallon of mercury, which is 51.233 kg.

However, not any mercury would do. I’d like mercury made entirely of antiparticles.

Effectively transforming into an enormous antimatter bomb the moment I take a sip, with an explosive yield in excess of 2,200 megatons, or over 44 simultaneous Tsar Bombas.

I’d like to go out with a bang.

(As a side benefit, I’d bankrupt the ruler’s economy forever. At $62.5 trillion per gram, my last drink would cost $3,202,062,500,000,000,000 or ~$3.2 quintillion, which is 33,178.5 years worth of current global GDP.)