The Off Season

Things are slowing down, I see.

Me, I haven’t felt like chatting about IF – nor playing it, writing it, or really even thinking about it lately. I got my issue of SPAG yesterday, and that’s been about it. Oh, and I answered a Hugo authoring question in the newsgroup, and mailed out the IFComp T-Shirts last week. Mainly I’ve just been playing a lot of video games, and working.

Must be the IF off-season.

Does this kind of thing usually happen after the IF comp?

I think Merk posted that because there wasn’t a lot of activity happening here that time. People would usually drop by, check for new posts/threads - if they feel like not posting for one reason or another, they don’t.

I don’t think it usually happens after the IF Comp, though. More like “every now and then” to me, not necessarily after any comp. :wink:

It’s probably just normal. Everything ramps up during and following the IFComp. But mainly, it’s a shame I’m not doing much to contribute. My free time’s just spread too thinly lately. :slight_smile: