The Night Market

The Night Market is an interactive novel in which you awaken to a lantern filled world with no memory of how you got there. Desperate to get home, you must find the gate that leads back to your world, while navigating a foreign land, rife with political intrigue, arbitrary rules and secrets designed to keep you distracted. Nine barons rule the market , a place so vast that not even they can truly know its scope. But, one baron holds the key to your safe return home. Yet, no one has seen or heard from him in over a decade.

This IF will be twelve chapters long in total. Chapter Eleven has been posted for early release over on Patreon and Kofi (released to the public Feb. 9th) but the other ones are all up for free. It is still classified as a WIP but is slated for a Steam release come this summer. Join us on Tumblr where we answer character questions. On discord where we chat about this and other If’s, or join my Patreon for access of up to four stories or more per chapter release.

Play the game on here