The Multi-Dimensional Thief broken in AGiliTy?

While testing the interpreters in Spatterlight I’ve found that I can’t make the AGT game The Multi-Dimensional Thief work with the AGiliTy interpreter.

At one point, while swimming in the waterfall, you are supposed to GET OUT. This works in the original AGT runner in DOSBox, but in AGiliTy, only TAKE OUT is understood. At another time, you have to PUT HOLE ON FLOOR, which again works fine in the original runner, but AGiliTy will only say “There isn’t any floor here to put the hole on.” This makes the game unwinnable, and I haven’t found a workaround for this.

I guess none of the original authors of AGT or AGiliTy are active on this forum, but it would still be nice to get a confirmation if anybody feels like giving it a go.

To test, at the start of the game, type E. E. S. PUT HOLE ON FLOOR.

EDIT: I just checked these bugs in ScummVM, and they occur there as well. Unlike Spatterlight and Gargoyle, ScummVM runs the original D$$ files without converting them to the agx format first, so that means the bugs aren’t introduced in the conversion.

EDIT 2: I think there might be a similar problem in Shades of Gray, where SIGNAL COMPANIONS is not understood by AGiliTy, making the game unwinnable.

EDIT 3: It is in fact possible to use another command to get around the bug and finish Shades of Gray, but it still annoying and makes an already difficult puzzle even more guess-the-verb.

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That seems unfortunate - I will test with Windows AGiliTy when I can (probably next week).

I’ve attached save files to test the signal bug in Shades of Gray. One in AGiliTy format and one made in the original DOS interpreter. (6.4 KB)

To test the waterfall bug in Multi-Dimensional Thief: E. E. S. GET HOLE. N. PUT HOLE ON NORTH WALL. HOLE. GET HOLE. PUT HOLE ON EAST WALL. HOLE. SWIM.

EDIT: I see that another similar bug is mentioned in the solution file for Duck Soup. An in-game clue will say “go s, go p, go c, go g”, but AGiliTy will not accept GO S.
EDIT: Scratch that! I tested this in AGiliTy, and GO S works just fine.