The Mulldoon Legacy on the forgiveness scale

I thought I’d undertake The Mulldoon Legacy shortly, and would appreciate to know where it lies on the forgiveness scale before starting.

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I haven’t played it yet. I’m scared.

Let us know how you fared, brave sir.

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I’m plugging away at Mulldoon Legacy very slowly - I still have 100 points to go, so I can’t vouch for the whole game yet.

I’d say it’s nasty/cruel on the forgiveness scale, but not by design. Jon Ingold’s tried hard to make the game forgiving. For example, some actions take you to a new part of the game world abruptly, but you’re expected to play on and use what you find there to get out - you’re not screwed if you haven’t found the item you need before going there.

I’ve found one or two situations which I don’t think are winnable, but maybe I just didn’t spot how you were supposed to get out of them. Usually, they were obviously bad moves right after I’d done them - dropping an item down a hole where you can’t get it back, say. The only outright cruel situation I’ve found so far (puzzle spoiler, but without giving much of the solution away): save before you cut the painter, because if you’re not careful the boat can leave without you. (It might be possible to reset the boat, but I didn’t see how in the walkthrough I’m using!)

Basically, it might be cruel, but it’s not Curses cruel. Save often and you should be okay.


Thanks, I think I can live with that.