The Mouse Who Woke Up for Christmas

I could use a lot of help on this one.

I haven’t completed any tasks on the list right now.

My inventory is the following:

You are carrying a Note for Santa written by Jessica, a To Do List, a pair of Long Johns (worn), a Smart Suit, Gardening Clothes (worn), A Roll of Duct Tape, A Bottle of Firelighter Fluid , an Oily Rag, a Stocking, a Bird Skull, a Newspaper page, a Scrap of Fur, a Washing up sponge, some Twine, a Pair of Sharp Nail Scissors and a pair of pyjamas and slippers.

My immediate goals are:

-Cut the nettles (scissors don’t work even sharp)
-Find a source of light/fire
-Find something shiny for the magpie

Has anyone achieved any of these goals yet?

I am barely further than you are.

There’s a (potentially) shiny thing in the Vegetable Patch.

Even with that, I’m at a loss as to how to accomplish any of the goals myself.

The object you find in the vegetable patch can be modified with another object so that the magpie will like it.

Also if you type ‘help’ you’ll see my email address where I can give customised hints. Getting strange binomial reaction to this game, half of players breeze through the game, other half seem to get stuck going nowhere.

Yes, I had managed to

shine up the coin and trade it

but otherwise I think I’m exactly where craiglocke is (or was).

I will email you, thanks. I think it would be considered player-friendly to post a walkthrough or Invisiclues or something. I suspect a lot of folks, myself included, find resorting to clues a little deflating to begin with, so the idea of emailing the author repeatedly for help is a real obstacle.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll post a walkthrough this weekend.

Thanks. For what it’s worth, I have made a fair bit of progress on my own since.

@craiglocke, this might help with some of it:

Light sources are available at the bar. Once you’ve addressed that, you should at least be able to cross off one item on your list.

@necrodeath, I may end up emailing you anyway, but perhaps I’ll get some inspiration soon. Thanks.

I have now uploaded a walkthrough at the IFComp entry page.

I’ve also posted a review of the game on my blog.