The Master of the Land - Post-comp release

I’m happy to say that after 2.5 years I’m finally done with The Master of the Land.

The 2.0 (and final, I hope) version is up at

I’ve made some improvements based on comp feedback. Mainly I’ve tried to ease the pain of moving through the complex map without explicit goals, increasing the visibility of reminders and adding a directions feature. I’ve also fixed some text and included an anti-CMG patch, designed to prevent CMG from sabotaging his own playthroughs the way he described in his review. :mrgreen:

If any of you have itch accounts, any rating would be more than welcome.

I’m halfway through the postmortem and expect to publish it this week. Other than that, I can at last get going with another story that perhaps will take me, you know, less than 30 damned months to release.

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I have updated the game with a new feature to make it easier to navigate. Now, when someone tells you to go somewhere, besides the compass navigation you’ll generally have a “Walk towards destination” choice that will guide you there, room by room.

Since being lost in the map and not getting places in time seemed the worst problem players had, I hope this enhancement can ease that pain and make the game more accessible. Version 3 is up at, and here’s the IFDB page.


But you must do a fourth version. One that I could play on mobile XDDDD