THE MARTIAN FIELDS (Twine adventure game)


I’m here to plug my latest free not-a-game! You can download this brief, ribald tale on or play and rate it online at IFDB. More info below:

[i]Welcome to Arth! This fantasy kingdom has been infested with monsters and cutthroats ever since the murder of the king and subsequent nuclear ballyhoo. You play as Athena MacIntyre, heir to the throne. The people consider you their last hope, but politics is a sucker’s game. You’d rather be adventuring.

And adventure you’ll find in this interactive tale of survival, kidnapping, and invisible poop. En route to a mythical destination, you’ve gotten lost in the titular alien biodome. The undead wizard lagging behind you is Nimrod Supertramp, who killed your dad when you were a baby (see above), but is actually on your side…for now.

Keep your wits and sword about you. Strange game is afoot, and nefarious machinations are spinning their wheels (as if thirst, hunger, and demonic babies weren’t enough cause for worry). Your actions will affect the story in ways both big and small, and the clock is ticking, so priorities count. Good luck![/i]

Thanks, everybody! I hope you enjoy it.