The Little Match Girl, by Hans Christian Andersen, by Ryan Veeder

It is New Year’s Eve—yes, the last evening of the year. Around this time in 2019 I was inspired to write a short text adventure based on Hans Christian Andersen’s famous and bizarre tale “The Little Match Girl.” (It takes place on New Year’s Eve.)

I originally made the game a Patreon exclusive, to thank my Patreoneers for their kind support over the year. At the tail end of 2020 I wrote “The Little Match Girl 2,” which was also a Patreon exclusive, and I am in the middle of writing “The Little Match Girl 3,” which will break with tradition by not being finished on December 31st. (As is so often the case, each entry is bigger and more involved than the last, because SOMEONE is having TOO MUCH FUN WRITING THEM.)

It was suggested to me that, since the original Little Match Girl has been an exclusive for so long, maybe I should release it publicly. So I have done that!

You can play “The Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Andersen right now, on New Year’s Eve!

You can also read a development diary that I kept while I was writing it! I wrote it so fast. Art is an explosion.

You can play “The Little Match Girl 2” right now, on New Year’s Eve, by pledging to my Patreon.

And “The Little Match Girl 3” should be along shortly.


In the phrase “should be along shortly,” what does “shortly” mean? I know that you are a very cynical person, and you think it means “never.” This is one of the walls you have had to build, to protect yourself from disappointment. But here is a counterexample to your stifling worldview: “The Little Match Girl 3” is finished.