The Little Match Girl and Her Friend, the Crow

I have a short new game about the little match girl. It’s a spooky little adventure where the little match girl and her friend (a crow) have an urgent obligation toward the people of “Avil IX,” whatever that is.

This game takes place not long before “The Little Match Girl 4,” and playing the one game might give you some interesting context for the other. And playing “The Little Match Girl 3” might give you some interesting context for this game. But you shouldn’t feel like you have to play all these games to understand any of them completely. We don’t get to understand anything completely in this life. We get to experience bits and pieces, and we get to correlate those experiences into an understanding that becomes more and more vivid, more and more intelligible—but never complete.

This game is also puzzle number 21 in my Drawlloween puzzle set, which is nearing completion! Look at all those puzzles! Some of those puzzles are pretty good. I’m especially proud of Haunted, Web, and Black Lagoon. But also this one, for the prompt “Crow.”


This makes me feel better about not finding all the stuff in Ryan Veeder’s Authentic Fly Fishing. It was a fun experience.