The Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation

Hello friends,

I am pleased and proud to announce the formation of the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation (IFTF), a new nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the software and services that have long made IF creation, play, and study possible. Several friends from the IF community — myself included — have worked quietly over the last year to bring it together, and you can see what we’ve created at the organization’s new website:

Per its mission, IFTF aims to run a number of public-service programs that will help provide funding and stability to the many volunteer-run projects that IF depends upon. The organization’s own resources include volunteer work and a grantable fund. IFTF is registered in the U.S. as a 501©(3) charitable organization, meaning that donations by U.S. citizens are tax-deductible, to the extent allowed by law. (And it will gratefully accept donations from everyone else, of course, even if it can’t offer a tax break for them!)

As listed on its activities page, IFTF’s debut program involves its assuming stewardship of IFComp, lending this event (and its year-round website) the legal and financial backing of a formal organization. Practically speaking, this has no effect on how the comp will operate; I’ll continue as its organizer this year, for one thing, and none of its rules or procedures are changing as a result of this shift.

But through IFTF, IFComp can now effectively own its own code and copyrights. Community-provided funding (and, where applicable, tax-deductible volunteer work) can significantly broaden IFComp’s own technological and organizational potential. And formally transferring the ownership from an individual to a nonprofit company also grants IFComp a new measure of safety and stability. I see all these as infrastructural improvements that IFComp, important as it is to the IF community and the world beyond as well, has long deserved.

That’s just the beginning — you can see the next couple of programs the newly formed IFTF is working towards on that same page. They’re certainly not all the programs that its founders can envision, but we hope they represent a modestly attainable and immediately valuable start for IFTF’s work.

I welcome any questions about IFTF here, or in email (

Hi! I am also on the IFTF board and am also pleased, proud, etc.

I should probably list the crew, all of whom you’ll know from this forum:

Chris Klimas
Flourish Klink
Jason McIntosh
Andrew Plotkin
Carolyn VanEseltine

We also have a large advisory committee drawn from across the various IF worlds. See .


Whoa, epic!

edit: quick question – are you planning a fund drive of any kind in the near future?

There is already a Paypal “Donate” button!

Plans for going out and shaking the violin case are not yet set. We’ve been focussed on launch for the past few weeks.

This is amazing! Congrats!!

George: On the advice of the experienced nonprofit folks who have kindly shared their knowledge with us over the last few months, we’re going to focus on other things for a while before launching any formal fundraising drives. (Doing those right takes a lot of effort and attention!)

But we certainly do gratefully accept any gifts from the public until then. As Zarf says, the donate button’s front-and-center in bright orange livery!

Interesting stuff!

I’ve been developing an authoring system called Brahman, which it turns out, has a lot in common with Inform7.

My plan all along was to make it open source. Along with run-times for mobiles and desktops - also to be open source.

Would the IFTF be interesting in hosting it, plus any associated materials?

I’ve been working on ideas for a graphical front end. but it’s a question of time and commitment to complete them.

jkj yuio: Thanks for asking! For the present, our focus will be on supporting and improving the community’s many already-running foundational projects.

Opening the door to support proposals from the community is very important, however, and we intend in time to spin up a program to formalize that process. When we’re ready to start hosting CFPs, you can be sure we’ll share the news in all the usual places.

This is great news; hit me up if there’s anything I can help with.

Thank you!

Right now, the most important thing we can ask is for people to spread the word. We’re up on Twitter and Facebook, and we also have an announcements-only mailing list. Any of these will be a great way to keep up with IFTF news and volunteer opportunities.

Have long thought something like this was a necessary step in IF evolution and it looks to be in excellent hands. When the time comes, I for one will happily donate whatever is needed to make this successful.

Fantastic idea!

This seems like such a good idea, if it leads to better preservation and coordination of effort. It’s always been hard when one person carries the load for years and then becomes ill or loses interest.

The IFTF is set up to accept donations, either by Paypal or check. If you’re feeling inclined, the appropriate page is here and your generosity would be much appreciated.

The IFTF is a registered 501©(3) charitable organization, so gifts from US citizens are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

I agree!