The Infocom Envelopes

Back in 1986, Infocom held a “Design a Better Envelope” contest. For details, see the Spring and Summer 1986 editions of the Status Line, with some further notices in the Fall 1987 and Winter/Sprint 1988 issues. (If there were other mentions, I missed them.)

I’ve been able to locate a couple of scans:

  • Ye Olde Infocom Shoppe has three in the Non-Game Items section of The Vault
  • The Museum of Computer Adventure Game History has three in its Status Line section, though only one of them doesn’t also appear in the YOIS vault.
  • John Romero tweeted one some years ago.
  • Finally, I have two myself (images scaled and cropped from my original scans), one of which does not appear in any other the other collections.

So that’s at least six of them. But there were six winners, Brian White had at least two different envelopes, and there was apparently a pre-contest envelope with some kind of artwork on it. So there could be eight or more, assuming all of the art was used. Does anyone remember how many there actually were?

The only one I’ve seen at the Internet Archive is the Arthur Dent one, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the MOCAGH ones are there somewhere as well.


I also came across this non-winning entry: