The IFTF is seeking proposals for a successor to Philomela

Please take a look at the blog post and RFP for details:

I think it was a disappointment to many when Philomela went read-only, and we’d like to develop a successor.


Why not itchio, or textadventures, or if archive?

Maybe a more easy, streamlined way to upload twines to the ifarchives, with an interface integrated directly in Twine.

We’re thinking about that too, but was a specific use case that was clearly popular. We don’t want to lose it.

Well, Philomea as an interface, and all its current contents moved to the if-archive XD

Hi folks,

This Philomela-successor RFP remains open through April 10. We at IFTF hope to hear from more software engineers in the IF Community with proposals to reinvigorate this key resource for sharing modern hypertext IF.

Please note that this is a paid opportunity! IFTF will raise funds to cover the chosen proposal’s labor-costs, and will also pay for any ongoing infrastructure costs that the delivered project may require. (See the RFP document itself for full details on that.)

Feel free to follow up in this thread or via email at with any questions about this RFP. Thanks!