The Good Old Days reviews

After missing last year (sorry…), my partner and crime and I (well, mainly he) are back, taking a look at selected games of the competition.

This page acts as a central hub of our coverage. It also contains short comments on all games we played. So far, these are Congee, Seasonal Apocalypse Disorder, The Impossible Bottle, The Eleusinian Miseries and Terror in the Immortal’s Atelier.

Selected games will also receive more in-depth coverage:


Hi! I added your reviews to the big 'ol reviews spreadsheet, but I wasn’t quite sure how to label y’all, so you might want to take a look and make sure you’re OK with what I put in (or, more likely, change it). Thanks for the reviews, including of my game!

Greetings! I am that partner in Crime, that is Martin H. (Herr M.) and so far I took at look at the following games:

Congee - by Becci - Hypertext

The Eleusinian Miseries – by Mike Russo – Parser

Terror in the Immortal’s Atelier – by Gevelle Formicore – Hypertext

The Arkhill Darkness – by Jason Barrett – Hypertext

Sheep Crossing – by Andrew Geng – Parser

Elsegar I - Arrival – by silicon14 – Parser

For a Place by the Putrid Sea – by Arno von Borries – Parser

Fight Forever – by Pako – Hypertext

Stoned Ape Hypothesis – by James Heaton – Hypertext

#VanLife – by Victoria – Hypertext

The Cave – by Neil Aitken – Hypertext

A Calling of Dogs – by Arabella Collins, Grey Havens – Hypertext

Turbo Chest Hair Massacre - by Joey Acrimonious - Parser

Stand Up / Stay Silen – by Y Ceffyl Gwyn – Hypertext

Sage Sanctum Scramble – by Arthur DiBianca – Parser

Equal-librium – by Ima – Hypertext

Captain Graybeard’s Plunder – by Julian Mortimer Smith – Hypertext

The Turnip – by Joseph Pentangelo – Hypertext

Amazing Quest – by Nick Montfort – C64

All my thoughts and reviews can be found in the main article: The 26th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

The following games got some deeper thoughts too:

Seasonal Apocalypse Disorder - by Zan and Xavid - Parser

Tavern Crawler – by Josh Labelle – Hypertext

I will post any new updates in this thread. If you have any questions, comments or wishes just post them here or send me an e-mail (my adress can be found in the article above).


By no means were you expected to know this, but Terror in the Immortal’s Atelier is part of a meta-puzzle involving two other games - Aliens On The Teresten and Tomb of Ilfane, which explains why you found the gameplay so unsatisfying.


I’d like to think there were at least a few clues.


Thanks for the hint! Could not make heads or tales of it and spent about an hour re-reading the stories and mixing the absurdest combinations after the dumbest of ideas. Might give it another try. :wink:

Took a look at the following games too:
Academic Pursuits (As Opposed To Regular Pursuits) – by ruqiyah – Parser
Move On – by Serhii Mozhaiskyi – Hypertext
Lovely Assistant: Magical Girl – by Bitter Karella – Parser

Added a full review for: Alone