The Gallery of Zork

As a long-time IF (and, in particular, Infocom) afficionado, I wanted to take a moment to raise awareness of my new Infocom tribute site, The Gallery of Zork at, think of the IG on steroids.

The Gallery of Zork collection already extends well beyond what the Infocom Gallery offers, both in quantity and quality. In addition to game packaging scans, the GZ has sections devoted to the more obscure Infocom software products (Cornerstone, Battletech, Circuit’s Edge, Tombs and Treasure, et alia), the complete series of Infocom-based paperbacks, and other rarities.

The Gallery of Zork is already the largest online repository of its kind, and I will be adding to it going forward.

My motivation: a couple of years ago I began scanning my collection of Infocom games, and contacted the administrator of the Infocom Gallery, (which hadn’t been updated since 2004), offering to provide new scans. Instead, he sent me a number of scans he hadn’t gotten around to posting, and offered to let me take over the site. The Gallery of Zork is the result.

Please take a look and let me know how GZ can be improved.