"The Exigent Seasons" is now available on the IFDB

A quiz from a magazine. A bored friend. His notepad, his dice, and altogether too much time until the rest of your friends arrive.

Pick one of two solutions to ten different crisis scenarios to determine what kind of future you’ll bring about for the city-state you rule. Take the quiz once or twice, or see how many different endings you can find.

My new interactive fiction toy/game, THE EXIGENT SEASONS, is now* available on the IFDB. I had originally been planning to submit this to the 2021 IFComp, but the prerelease version I linked to testers back in January was a violation of prerelease rules, so big thanks to @mathbrush drawing my attention to this so I could avoid that embarrassment.

* (It’s actually been available since late August, but I only just noticed this category on the intfiction forums today.)


Today is 2sday (Feb 2, 2022, or 2022.02.22), and purely by coincidence, it’s also the day version 2 of this game is available on the IFArchive/IFDB. This version includes minor text improvements, additional NPC dialogue, and a couple of missing scenery items.

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