The Endling Archive (a Glulx project)

I have a very small project I’d like to share. Before I go any
further, I should warn you that I don’t consider this IF. It’s a sci-
fi story-driven Glulx thing, and it even uses the standard Inform 6
library a bit, but it’s not IF by my standards. Anyway, you can find
it on IFDB at It’s
called “The Endling Archive”.

Kazuki Mishima

It says page not found…

Same for me.

It’s available on the IFDB.

Sorry, folks. I remodeled my website and invalidated the link. I’ve placed a more current link in my original post.

Kazuki Mishima

Edit: Radix beat me to this post by several seconds… :blush:

P.S.: Incidentally, I’m making pseudo-sequal to this as an experimental “visual novel” using Ren’Py.

I have finished a visual novel sequel to The Endling Archive. There are download links here: Sorry if this doesn’t interest you.