"The Elves of Maroland" now available

The text adventure “The Elves of Maroland” is now available for free downloading in its English language version for your ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Amstrad PCW, Commodore 64, MSX1 and MSX2, CommodoreAmiga, Atari ST and PC MSDOS.

You can also play the Atari ST version online or in your Windows device.

Find the Shadow and free Maroland from the darkness!

All the info in the web:


Coincidentally, the original Spectrum Spanish version just appeared on the IF Archive from the caad.es rescue, so I just updated its IFDB page to link to both that and your newer DAAD remake, and created another (minimal) IFDB page for this English version.

Also, while you’re here… on a lot of English IF sites, you’re credited as “David Carbonell”; this goes back to Baf’s Guide. But on Spanish sites and in your own material it’s Daniel.
Have… have we in the English community been misnaming you for two decades? If so, sorry, and I’ll go fix it.


Hello! Indeed, I am Daniel, not David, and I believe that this error has been creeping into some English-speaking pages since the publication of Rudolphine Rur, back in 2005. In any case, it is not something that worries me too much, since lately I have signed my works like Dwalin. In any case, thanks for your work!


Thanks. I’ve fixed what I can (IFDB, IFWiki, the IF Archive).

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Not to throw a spanner in the works, but you are credited as Jose Daniel Carbonell on CASA. Is this correct?

EDIT: Sorry, that was meant to be a reply to @Dwalin, not @JTN.

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Yes, this is correct. Thank you!


Thank you! Downloaded and checked in DOSBox. Nice pictures, intruiging setup. I’ll play after SeedComp/ConcoursFI.


¡Ole, ole!


I see that you’re using ADP for the web version to run the Atari ST version in a browser. Is that this ADP? GitHub - jlcebrian/ADP: ADventure Player

Have you found any advantages of using that rather than Uto’s jDAAD? (On the surface of things it looks like ADP may better replicate some of the layout aspects of the ST game better than the java interpreter.)

I started testing jDAAD with the Spanish version of Maroland, when it was still in development but we ran into some difficulties, which I don’t remember right now and I finally ruled out its use.

I actually don’t know the current state of the interpreter or if it is fully usable anymore.

When José Luis Cebrián announced ADP I tried it and saw that it worked very well, even using it on a mobile phone or tablet. There are still things to improve, especially in the English interpreter, but I think that, in general, the gaming experience is very good, although jDAAD allows for better graphics, for example.


There were a few initial bugs when I started using jDAAD, which Uto addressed, but other than that I have found it worked well. I think I popped up online versions of all my DAAD games. It shares some of the idiosyncrasies of some of the other new DAAD interpreters, in that there’s the odd formatting difference and somethings aren’t implemented exactly the same (such as how the QUIT condact works, iirc).

I’ll have to have a proper look at ADP and how to include it on a website. I don’t tend to have Atari ST as a primary target, but I see ADP now includes some support for my main platform Spectrum and PAW which it would really be interesting to investigate a web player for that doesn’t involve a traditional emulalator.

I don’t know if there is a hints-thread for this game right now, because I need some help with this game.

I met this girl just in the beginning of the game but there are some difficulties as I cannot set any quotes and therefore not talk to her.

I play this game with fs-uae, an Amiga emulator.

There’s a solution for the 2023 Spanish version, which I assume is the original for the '23 English version, on CASA.
:: CASA :: Elfos de Maroland, Los (solutionarchive.com)

Perhaps with a little help from a certain translating machine, or simply by deducing the English commands from the circumstances of the game in combination with the Spanish walkthrough, you can use this to get out of the pinch you’re in.

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Well, the translation is not the problem. The point is, that I can´t set any “” to talk to anybody.

I play this game in FS-uae, an Amiga emulator, Haven´t tried any other version, yet.

A little later:

I have to admit, that I didn`t realise that there is the british keyboard layout active, which has other Key assignments than german kayboards,

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Hello Bodhi,
Were you finally able to find the keys to type the " " ?

Yes, thank you for your help and patience.

I follow your videos and have to say they are very useful.

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