The Dream Self - Florencia Minuzzi

I reviewed The Dream Self over on my blog and IFDB. My overall feeling is that the interface and art are beautiful and polished, but the writing could use a bit more spark to truly soar, and I’d have liked to see more clearly telegraphed consequences for the choices I made. Dream sequences are a hard sell for me! At the same time, I enjoyed the emotional nuance in a lot of the choices, and liked spending time with the PC and the other characters. My playthrough had a gently melancholic tone - I’d be interested to know how that tone would change with a PC whose personality was drastically different.

I’ve posted a review here:

  • Jack

I found this intriguing, but ultimately a fizzle.

I was looking forward to finding out what was going on, but as far as I could tell, at the end of the day, the author didn’t know any more than I did? Possibly a symptom of the same problem was that the game didn’t seem to have decided whether the protagonist and next-door neighbor are male or female. I would be interested in seeing something from this author where the story was filled out.