The Devil in the Details now available for play

The Devil in the Details, a TADS3/Adv3Lite game, has been posted to the IFDB, at

As the game begins, you have just arrived in San Francisco, no job, no family, no friends, just a letter of introduction addressed to Lucy, who offers you a lifetime of everlasting fame, fortune, happiness, or power, if you will just sign the contract she offers you.

Can you outwit the devil?

Can you release a non-web UI version?


For now…

Eventually, a download link should appear on the IFDB page where the Online Play button is located.

A non-web-ui version was submitted to the IFDB at the same time the web version was posted.

But submitting a game file to the IFDB is a moderated process. Web ui versions are not hosted on their servers, it’s posted to my server and linked to the IFDB’s game engine. So the game was available immediately. Not so with files that are intended for download. Someone on their end needs to bless it as meeting their criteria before they will add a download link to the game page. How long that will take is up to them. I’ve done my part. The ball’s in their court.


Just to be clear, you could edit the IFDb page to add a direct link to the zip on your server yourself. (In fact, anyone can!) What seems to be going on is that you’ve uploaded the zip to the IF archive, and someone at the IF Archive needs to move it from the “pending” directory to its permanent home. I don’t think this is a question of the game meeting their criteria so much as them wanting to make sure the game winds up in the right directory.

Anyway, when the IF Archive updates the game, according to what I can see, the Download link should appear automatically. But again, you or anyone else can add a Download link that doesn’t go to the IF Archive if you want.

(Not trying to be too pedantic here–I was just confused because I don’t usually think of IFDB as having to approve things!)

Yep, I just moved the non-web-ui version to its proper resting place in the IF Archive, sorry for the delay. The link should now appear on the IFDB page, though note that it may take up to a day to propagate to all the mirrors. Which means you might need to hand-edit the URL if you end up with a randomized link to a mirror that doesn’t have it yet.

And yes, the IFDB and the IF Archive are separate entities (with separate administrators), although they do have some semi-automated interconnections.