The Crisis of Dersenia

Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum.
I am interested in a game called The Crisis of Dersenia. Has anyone played it? I’m stuck and I can’t find a solution anywhere.

Given that it’s a shareware game for DOS, the chances of there being a walkthrough for the game are pretty slim. It’s possible though that someone here (Peter Pears maybe?) has played the game and could give insight on a specific puzzle.

Sorry to disappoint. :slight_smile: It’s in the collection, sure, but I haven’t won every game I’ve already played, nor indeed intend to. I just give every game a fair chance. Since I can only find a single saved game for this one, I will presume it didn’t do much for me and I moved on to the next game.

Peter, one day you need to explain what the deal with that collection is. Or maybe you did in a thread I didn’t see?

You can read about Peter’s collection in the next issue of SPAG- it was omitted from the interview-heavy December edition.

Oh, I just thought people had looked at it and went “What’s the deal, Joey? There are plenty more interesting things, and you pick a guy with almost no contribution to the IF Community and interview him about the pack-rat collection he’s making? Scratch it!”

Basically I’m a pack-rat, with maybe a dash of OCD, and I hate the thought of missing out on potentially great underrated and obscure games. So I’ve downloaded pretty much every IF game I could find. :slight_smile:

Mind you, with the XYZZY awards and the lists of games coming out, it’s a time of great tension. I look at some names and I go, “Drat! I haven’t got that!”. And often I hunt and say “Huh. I do. Good.”

I wouldn’t call being a Top reviewer on ifdb “almost no contribution”. That’s an impressive feat, and reviews are always nice.

Been awhile since I had the time to do one, and I’ve always considered Short and O’Brian to be THE top reviewers, but hey, thank you kindly. :slight_smile:

I tried my hand at this but was unable to get through that first forest. Unfortunately, you’re right; there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of hints for this one out there. Good luck if you stick with it. Otherwise, this review might make you feel about about giving up on it:

I’m tempted to organize “ReviewComp”, where people would submit IF reviews and the judges would review the reviews, to determine who is the best reviewer. It might be a good way to encourage more reviews, and help the reviewers improve.

Thanks guys, after reading your posts I can assure I will be visiting this forum often! Back in the day I was a HUGE fan of IF. I think it is time for me to continue playing them.