The created widget responds with the error: does not exist

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I’ve just started trying to use the sugercube, and when I create a widget it always says “does not exist”. I’ve checked it many times and it doesn’t seem to be a syntax problem, but I can’t pinpoint the error at all!

<<widget "actionbus">>
	<<if $way eq true>>
    <<if $bus eq true>>

and this is my used:


Did you define it in its own passage with a “widget” tag?

I think used “<<widget>> ………<</widget>>”.

From the documentation:

WARNING: Widgets should always be defined within a widget -tagged passage—any widgets that are not may be lost on page reload—and you may use as few or as many such passages as you desire. Do not add a widget tag to any of the specially named passages and attempt to define your widgets there.

To add a tag in a passage:
Click on the button Tag, then fill in the form!

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So that’s what the label means!thanks!