The Cellar

I started to download and play this, but when I try, I get a four oh four error.

(From IFDB, I mean. Something about a fertility decline site…?)

The download link is to Shadowvault, which if I’m not mistaken went under a while ago. Many of its files were mirrored but I can’t remember which site unfortunately.

I found a copy. Version 1, as the ending states. I’m not thrilled with it. It’s a love-hate thing.

Shadowvault indeed went under a few years back, however someone kindly offered to host the site at; though any link to the old site would need updating to the new one.

Maybe I’m missing it… There appears to be lists of authors on this site, but no way to download anything?

Is “Version 1” the only version? If so, I’m good with the copy I have. Need to replay it, though.

I don’t have anything to do with the website these days, so I’m not sure whether all the links work or not. I’ll have to check with the guy who hosts it now.

As far as I remember (it’s been a few years and I’m terrible at keeping notes of such things), there was only ever one version of the game. I received only limited feedback and nothing that really made me feel that a second version was necessary.

That works for me, thanks.

Not even the bug where you get kicked back to the study with no way to make the story progress from there? I don’t remember what triggered that, but I remember hitting it and having to restart, which was frustrating, and I could swear I remember some reviews I read mentioning that. Or would it have been more trouble than it was worth to fix that?

I don’t recall that bug, or reading any reviews which mentioned it, but it’s been a few years so I could be mistaken. But yes, that’s something I would have fixed before had I been aware of it. Thanks for pointing it out in a not-at-all patronising tone.