The cavern is still open?????!!

:astonished: I had no idea URU was still being maintained! I haven’t been down in the cavern in ten years!

With all the Seltani talk, I feel the need to go underground and see it all again for real. I wonder if my computer will run it!?

Not exactly maintained, but the servers work and the bugs haven’t gotten too much worse. (There was a catastrophic database loss recently, sigh. But that won’t bug you if you just created your account today…)

I’m currently working through the options to make the thing work on Mac. Fingers crossed.

I managed to get in, playing through a Mac.

If you’re on Windows, the game is free.

For Mac, the best way seems to be to install Xcode. Directions here: … n-mac.html

You also need to delete two files that crash the game once installed. Files/Uru Live/dat/
*GlobalClothing_District_FemaleFan01.prp, *GlobalClothing_District_MaleFan01.prp"

Delete those two global clothing files (I just searched for them and trashed them) and the game works.

I was in there, too! Hanon was showing me around. Here’s a pic to prove it!

HanonO (or anyone else who knows),

I followed the directions for installing the game on my Mac, and they worked! (Well, aside from the occasional error message when I exit, but I can live with that.) My question: Where do I find the screenshots I take with my KI on my system? It’s in a certain folder on the PC, but I don’t know where I need to go on my Mac to find it. Thanks!

KI# 02067044

I believe there is a faux c: drive set up. See if there’s a my documents or picture folder there.

Try “Library/Preferences/Myst Online Preferences/p_drive/My Documents/Uru Live/”

Thank you so much, Zarf! I found them.

I went on a tour of an unimplemented corner of the game, but it was hard to prove my surreal experience without screenshots!

I believe the guide said the last tour of this series would be at 22:00 KI time tomorrow, but the webpage ( … s-tags/uru) indicates the Tuesday Cavern Tours ended last Friday. (Yeah, what?) I’ll be at the Plaza tomorrow anyway.

EDIT: If you go, my avatar is notthegeneral.