The Bunker

Well I’ve been tired and wanting to make another text adventure
for everyone to play. Especially a short 15 room game that even
a first timer can play.
The (379 KB)

I know you’re perhaps wondering by now “where’s the feedback?”

The thing is you did a completely hand-rolled parser. It means there are VERY noticeable missing synonym problems, and lots of other expectations from a modern parser and not being met.

What I did find interesting – and I’ve never seen before – is having a timer tick down from the hundredths. I think there might be room for something that tense, but if you want people to play you need to either a.) put in a ton of work – I estimate 6 months, at least – getting the parser up to current standards or b.) switch to using a system like Inform or TADS or Hugo which already has the hard work done for you.