The Bones of Rosalinda -- hint request

I’ve been playing The Bones of Rosalinda and enjoying it, but I just can’t figure out a particular puzzle. I can’t get my other arm away from Beast. I thought it might have to do with dipping a body part into extra hot special goulash, but I can neither remove any goulash from the pot, nor add hot peppers into the pot, nor dip any body parts into the plain old special goulash. I have figured out how to trade arms with Beast, but that doesn’t seem to get me anywhere – each arm is equally able to do things, and I really need both arms for a couple of other puzzles. Any hints?

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It’s been a while (I beta tested it), but I think you drop the peppers, drop an arm, have the arm pick up the peppers and put them in the pot.
Does that help?

Oh, and make sure the cook is distracted while you do this.

You can distract her by talking about cooking.


Thanks – that all worked out. I didn’t realize I could talk to the cook because I had picked up my skull as an inventory object. Once I figured that out, I was able to do all the things you said.