The Best Game Ideas Ever (for some value of "best")

Day 3 of Caelyn Sandel’s ADVENT calendar is a game idea generator. All the seeds in it are from games that Caelyn and I have worked on, either together or separately (disclaimer, not all games have been released.)

A small sampling of these brilliant suggestions:

“You are a little girl, stuck in Penny Lane. You must save the day, but unfortunately, you keep accidentally killing colonists.”


“Relax in the hydro corridors of Toronto as a mad scientist helps you achieve relevancy.”


“As an electric ghost, all you want in life is to have a happy Halloween. However, your rival, an eighth-grader dressed up as a cat, would rather rescue your dog. To top it all off, you don’t know how to open the door.”


Cute stuff!

On, hey, by the way, since we’re on the subject of the author, with whom you speak to, would you have any idea whether Bloom is still being developed?

Yes I do, and yes it is. There’s a new episode coming out this month.

Excellent! :smiley: Thanks!