The BBC Micro Celebrates 30 years

Hi All,

There doesn’t seem to be much else in the news to celebrate at the moment, so I thought I’d bring this little article to your attention:

This month marks the 30 year anniversary of the BBC Microcomputer. There must be a fair few people in this community who, like me, wrote their first work of IF in BBC Basic. I started off with the slightly cheaper Acorn Electron before moving up to the BBC Master Compact when I was in my late teens. I still have the original cassette tapes for games like Adventure, several Scott Adams and Brian Howarth titles, the Epic Adventure games “Kingdom of Klein” and “The Lost Crystal”, “Dodgy Geezers” by Melbourne House and topologika’s “Avon”, among others. Lurking in another box are my own, largely unfinished efforts, “Hotel Ghastly”, “Mud, Glorious Mud”, “Once, on a Blue Moon” and “Who’d be a Spy”. The less said about those, the better! Enjoy the article.