'The Basilisk and the Banana' - new release

I thought I’d do a quick shout about this one, in particular as it’s under a different itch account to my others - in order to keep a clear separation between this very child-friendly piece and the rest.

The Basilisk and the Banana is a collaboration with my son (8) that we made for the Text Adventure Literacy Jam.

You are Hermes, the Greek god and messenger. Today, you have to deliver an important letter to Zeus, who’s king of the gods - and also your dad. He’s quite annoying, but you always deliver letters, even to annoying people.

All info on the itch page, but it’s quirky and silly and a bit pastiche-y and hopefully fun. Drawn-illustrated throughout and maybe a little less 8-bit than the main Adventuron aesthetic.

Neither of us has ever written a parser game before so particularly keen for any thoughts / feedback. As Garry writes about his, we benefitted enormously from the generosity of the play-testers - the final version is twice as long as the test version, despite cutting locations, so much richer and hopefully more entertaining as well as more robust. The hint system has been totally swapped out for a much bigger more in-game idea about telepathic communication with Zeus, which is intended to be more fun but still helpful…