'The Babysitter' released


I’m pleased to announce that ‘The Babysitter’ has been released. This is the second in a series of games that were originally written by John H Doolittle and have now been enhanced and brought up to date for a modern audience. You can play it online at The Babysitter or download the z5 file to play with your favourite interpreter.

You play the part of a teenage girl who is meant to be babysitting little Anna while her parents go to a movie. You fall asleep on the couch and have a dream that Anna has gone missing. You wake up in a cold sweat and decide that you’d better check on Anna. Without giving too much away, you’ll find that you are rewarded for doing some household chores along the way.

This game is fairly easy, although it does have quite a few puzzles. It is aimed at beginners to text adventures and introduces quite a few text adventure tropes, such as exploration, locked doors and darkness. Experienced players should finish it in half an hour or so.

The game has lots of in-game hints and a HINT command. It also has downloadable coded hints (in the Scott Adams style), map and solution.

Many thanks to @Hidnook, @Jade and @nephar for testing. They provided some really good ideas and I think all of these have been implemented. My co-conspirator, @Dooriddle has been a pleasure to work with.