The Archivist and the Revolution: updates and a post-mortem [Music: 2023-09-07]

The post-competition release is finally here! The new content amounts to around 20k words of text.


  • Many new DNA datasets to decode, especially in the post-revolution categories.
  • Dream/memory/flashback scenes from Em’s previous life with K- and A-.
  • Expanded later relationship scenes with A-.
  • Expanded mutual aid scenes.
  • Lots of edits for language, style, and structure.
  • Added an autosave feature, which saves at each new scene. Open the save/load window to load autosaves.

Total word count: ~62k

I’ve also written a postmortem.


62k IS a lot pf text to enjoy, thanks a lot!


…and maybe there will be another update soon. I’ve just emailed Autumn a link to the music files she selected as one of the prizes in the comp. Whether she’ll want to add them to the game is up to her, but I had fun doing the music.

If you want to hear the music I did, you can check it out on my blog, at Game Changes | Jim Aikin's Oblong Blob.


The game has music now (thanks to Jim Aikin as seen above): The Music Update - The Archivist and the Revolution by Autumn Chen