THE ARCHIVE: parser in English and Russian


Since I have not found anyone to proofread the English text here-> ( THE ARCHIVE: looking for native speaker corrector ), I am releasing the game as it is. I hope someone likes it. The game has a good sound and hand-draw arts. The original Russian version was released in 2018.

The game is passable. See autoscript file.

You can download ready to run builds for Linux and windows here: АРХИВ/ARCHIVE by hugeping
Also, if you are minimalist, the game without any multimedia can be run like plain-text version here: МЕТАПАРСЕР

You also can try run full version in your browser: INSTEAD-EM

Or you can install engine and download zip archive. There are also versions for android, S60, Plan9, Haiku, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, MacOS and so on. Just feel free to ask me if you need help to launch it.


UPD: uploaded 1.0.1. Crash fixed, sorry.

ARCHIVE 1.1 is out!
Greatly improved English translation!
Ready to run versions are here: АРХИВ/ARCHIVE by hugeping
Run in web: INSTEAD-EM
Stripped minimal version here (suitable for blind people): МЕТАПАРСЕР