The Apocalypse Clock

The Apocalypse Clock by GlorbWare (Inform)

This one started off bad. You’re in a bedroom with wallpaper that can’t be examined, carpet that can’t be examined, clothes that can’t be examined. Impressive stuff.

It’s a timed game. Another non-favourite idea of mine. It’s a weird timer as well because it counts down even when you make a typo. In another room there was a front door which couldn’t be examined or even opened. Was this game tested? At all?

As is often the case, rather than struggle with a game that didn’t even have the basics covered, I went to the walkthrough and cheated something awful. Just as well, too. I see one of the first commands needed to be entered refers to an NPC who isn’t mentioned in the room description and who I was unaware even existed until I saw her mentioned in the walkthrough.

That was about all I could take. It’s a depressing thing when an IFComp entry appears to have bypassed the testing process altogether.

1 out of 10