THE AEGIS SAGA - BLOOD (4 chapter demo available)

The four chapter demo is available at

‘The Aegis Saga - Blood’ is the first in an intended series of three fantasy stories playing out on the bayeux tapestry-like world of Eris.

The Aegis is the comet above Eris, upon whose passage the turn of time is marked for those on the world below. It has religious significance too for those who wield magic – or ‘glyf’, though be warned that such power is not used freely on Eris. ‘Glyf’ risks your life and the lives of those you love around you by threatening the fabric of the world of Eris itself. So tread lightly.

The tale is composed as a delineated choice-driven life story told in the first person. Death is not around every corner on Eris – ‘The Aegis Saga’ is intended to be enjoyed as a form of interactive novel that you reach the end of. I hope you will find a deep story fabric to fall into and enjoy, filled with danger, beauty, choice and friendships. I’ve certainly had much joy writing it . . .

Hello! I’m poking at this in between study sessions so possibly I’m missing something, but I’ve got myself into an infinite loop. I chose eye colour, then went to check stats; from there, I chose ‘Return to a chapter you’ve read’, ‘Prelude’, then ‘Beginning’. This brought me to a screen saying “Please follow the instructions to return to the chosen scene.”, and then I’m asked to click “Show Stats”. When I return to the game, I clicked ‘Samiel’s letter’, and it brought me without warning back to the start of the game. Is this… supposed to happen?

(Sorry for the incoherence - there’s no good way to describe what I’d done.)