The 2023 Colossal Fundraiser has begun!

Hello, friends!

We’re just under a month out from this year’s IFComp games being released. SO EXCITING!! (Unless you’re an author who is furiously testing and revising and recompiling and testing and revising and recompiling and… yeah. Good luck, authors*!)

* If you’re not yet a registered author for 2023, but you’d like to be, please do not forget to register! The deadline to register for the competition is coming up fast - September 1st, 11:59pm Eastern (23:59 EST)… then you have an additional month to polish your entry. But you must register by September 1st…

Sorry, where were we? Oh right! While we eagerly await the new games to come, we’d like to ask for your help with the Colossal Fund. If you already know about the fund and would like to contribute, please go to and hit the blue “Donate with PayPal” button. If you’d like more information first, please head over and read our blog post that will tell you all about it.

If you’re not in a position to contribute to the fund, zero worries — we’re still doing good ol’ physical prizes. We’ve only got a handful of those so far, so we’re very happy to accept more of those. Just email us at and we can chat about it. If you need ideas, you can check out our prizes from past competitions.

Thank you, as ever, for your support of the annual Interactive Fiction Competition!


The blog post if you don’t want to open/create an account on Tumblr


Ah! Thanks, Manon. I didn’t realize the other link required Tumblr. Super useful to know.