"That isn't available." hardcoded message in I7?

I got this message error because I was trying to access an object that was not there in the current state of the world. Something like this:

Instead of stabbing the door: try stabbing the poster instead.

Now Imagine the poster is not part of the door yet, the parser gives the following message error:

That isn't available.

Well, the problem is that that message seems hardcoded (maybe I’m wrong) so people could not customise it.

But the main problem is that, then, that message could not be customised for other languages, so it appears in my Spanish game. Maybe I should submit a bug…


If you go to File->Open Extension->Graham Nelson->Standard Rules, you’ll be able to poke around and find where messages like that are defined. I found this:

The access through barriers rule translates into I6 as
	"[regarding the noun][Those] [aren't] available." (A).

Which I copied into my testing program and turned into this:

Instead of attacking Billy The Orc:
	Try attacking the gopher.
The access through barriers rule translates into I6 as
	"[noun] no está disponible" (A).

The gopher is an animal. The description is "A furry little beast!". The gopher is nowhere.

Office is a Room. The description is "Just a simple, normal, office...". The player is here.

Billy The Orc is a man in the office. "He drools a bit over his fangs and glares at you".

There may be a more elegant and less sledge-hammery way of doing this, but this appears to work. Output:

Just a simple, normal, office...

You can see Billy The Orc here.

>punch billy
gopher no está disponible

Thanks! This is great, because now I could update the Spanish extension.

Fantastic :slight_smile: Glad to help :slight_smile:

Since it’s a response, the easier way is this.

The access through barriers rule response (A) is "This should be in Spanish, but I don't know Spanish."

You can also find these responses without opening the Standard Rules, by typing “RESPONSES ALL” at your game’s command prompt… which gives you a truly unwieldy text dump, but you can ctrl-F through it for “available” (or whatever other key word you can find that isn’t adaptive text).

Yeah, I copied them all into a file called “standard responses.txt” that I always have open in Notepad++ (put your favorite editor here) while I’m working in Inform.

The really tricky situations are when unwanted stray punctuation marks or whatever somehow find their way in from the standard rules even after the text is changed.

Yeah, punctuation marks tend to be hard coded. If you want to change those you have to substitute in a new rule, generally.