Texture Writer itch.io jam

Hey folks!

We’re running a Texture Writer game jam on itch.io between Aug 27-Sept 2, more info here:

To sweeten the jam we will be offering feedback on your game if you want it!. (Who will be giving feedback? Me, probably!) We’re timing it so that it coincides with the IFComp – the deadline is Sept 28th. So, for instance, you could get a first draft or done in the jam week, get feedback, do revisions and get it into the Comp where even more people will see it and review it.

Note that you don’t have to submit a game to the IFComp at all to take part in the jam.

(And yes, for people who are planning to submit to the IFComp we will let people know to not release the game publicly so as to not conflict with the IFComp rules.)

If you haven’t checked Texture out in a while, it now has more advanced image handling and better page visualization: