Texture and interactions for changed target

In Texture, is it possible to attach an interaction to a changed target?

In other words, it is possible to change a target with one interaction, then interact with the changed result using a different interaction?

For example, in Cloak of Darkness for Texture:

only one hook remains.

(examine) (hang cloak)

I can either examine or hang onto the hook. However, if I examine first (an old IF play pattern: look, then leap) then the change text behavior takes effect:

only one small brass hook screwed to the wall remains.

(examine) (hang cloak)

…and the “hang cloak” interaction can no longer recognize the hook text, apparently because the “hook” target has changed to different text. So if you look at the hook, you can’t use it anymore.

I thought that I might edit the hang cloak interaction and point it at the “small brass” result, but the edit mode never shows that result, so I could not generate a behavior dialog for it.

You can keep the word interactable by enclosing it in square brackets: “small brass [hook] screwed to the wall”.