Textfyre Historical Non-Fiction IF Author Needed

Textfyre is in the process of developing its classroom interactive story system. We have a need for a partner level IF author to assume the responsibility of story development in the short term and a larger product development role in the long term.

Requirements include:

  • experienced IF author with at least three well received games to date
  • ability to research historical facts, curriculum content, and integrate into IF form
  • ability to work with subject matter experts, teachers, and other Textfyre team members in an open and collaborative manner
  • ability to accept deadlines and meet them
  • ability to work on designs before coding, delivering Word document content in agreed upon format
  • has available time to accomplish tasks

The candidate or candidates will have a ground floor opportunity in a potentially lucrative education technology company.

Please e-mail me if you’re interested.

David Cornelson, Textfyre