Text substitutions - referring to the thing itself.

I can’t find this anywhere in the documentation - is there a text substitution that refers to “the thing that holds this property?” Similar to how “[printed name]” works, essentially? When writing description properties for kinds, I often find myself wanting one, so that the description can refer to the object it’s describing, for example:

The description of the glass box is "Inside the glass box, you see: [a list of things enclosed by the glass box]."

I often wish I could do:

The description of a glass box is usually: "Inside the glass box, you see: [a list of things enclosed by itself]."

Or similar.

“The item described” is probably what you want.

Will that work in other properties such as initial appearance or even an arbitrary text property? Eg:

A wumph has some text called the touch response. The touch response of a wumph is usually "[The item described] feels smooth and soft."

Edit: By the way, this substitution shows up in ten or so examples but nowhere in the main text of the manual. Something to think about…