text heavy point&click adventure?

Any recommendations for text heavy adventure story games that are the traditional point & click kind. Something with a lot of dialog (Kentucky Route Zero) or written passages (Gone Home) come to mind. Any that are even more text heavy? Thanks.

I think the most text heavy pure point-n-click I’ve played is The Longest Journey. Ignore the somewhat dated cutscene graphics; the game itself is absolutely amazing.

On iOS,

  • Device 6
  • Phoenix Wright series
  • 999: The Novel

Those that claim that it’s too talky have a very good point, but it worked for me. It felt sort of like a good radio play. (I only have the Swedish version, as back in those days getting a non-localised copy would have been difficult, so I don’t know how the English version compares.)

Lucasarts games for sure: Monkey Island 1&2, and Grim Fandango (which is on the verge of a remastered release).
Harder to find: Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, Day of the Tentacle, Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones, the Dig, Full Throttle…

Monkey Island 2 (Curse of LeChuck?) is my absolute personal favorite, as they created two completely different “easy” and “hard” modes that are both worth playing through to see how the plot/puzzles diverge to become more complicated.

Traditional point 'n click? Guess you mean Maniac Mansion-style rather than the MacVenture-style which preceded it? There are plenty, but many of the best were made by Lucasarts.

If you like your novels presented in a game-themed wrapper, you might enjoy the original Portal (Activision, 1986) – and the benchmark for “why did they cram a novel into that game?” is of course Planescape: Torment. Which is a CRPG and not an adventure game at all.

Bioware also is basically a major producer of interactive drama punctuated with action sequences. Seemingly bottomless dialogues. But still not adventure games.

I didn’t know there was a Swedish version. The English version is superb.