Text Generation Module added to ISHML

I’ve (very slowly) been working on a JavaScript API for Interactive Fiction. Last year I released the parser component. I still have a long way to go before I’m done, but I’m happy to report that today I released the text generation component. It’s based on JavaScript’s template literals and has a rich feature set.

If you’ve got a JavaScript project that needs some random text generation, you may want to check it out. Here’s a tutorial if you want to know more. It includes many worked examples that you can play with in JSFiddle.

I welcome all feedback.

Some examples:

var _ = ishml.Template
var example1=_`Carmen has a pet ${_.pick("dog","cat","emu","octopus").tag("pet")}. 
Saul has ${_.a.tags.pet}.  I saw his ${tags=>tags.pet.text} yesterday. `

var example2=_`Carmen has ${_.a.pick().tag("pet")}, but ${tags=>tags.pet.data.problem}.
Is ${tags=>tags.pet.data.value} right for you?  
A pet ${tags=>tags.pet.inner.data.value} is not right for me.`

example2.populate({pet:[{animal:"dog",problem:"they shed a lot"},
{animal:"cat",problem:"I'm allergic"},
{animal:"emu",problem:"they can be temperamental"},
{animal:"octopus",problem:"they get bored easily"}]})

var example3=_`The humane society has ${_.list(_("dog","cat","emu","octopus").tag("pet").s).tag("list")}. 
I've always wanted ${_.a.pick.tags.pet.tag("my_pet")}.  
I wish I could take home all the ${tags=>tags.list.text},
but I should just get ${tags=>tags.my_pet.text}.`
var demo=function()
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