Text-based Strip Poker

You read that correctly. This is my first game since I graduated college. I hope you appreciate my sense of humor… and if you do, please encourage others to download and play it. Its free and available for Linux and Windows. Its located at www.stevendetweiler.info. Comments and feedback are welcome!

Hi, Steve. I don’t know if it matters to you since there’s no Mac version, but except for the three nav links in the upper left, none of the links on your site actually work for me in Safari. So I couldn’t look at or download anything on your site.


I’m sorry. I don’t have a Mac. I tested my game and my site in Linux and Windows.

Maybe since the download link is to a php page that then downloads the game, it may not be liked by Safari? There shouldn’t be many more links on the page (the different colors are just there to bring your attention to certain keywords). If you are still having problems, find me on facebook and I’ll trying to find another way to get you the file.

The links work fine over here (on a Mac) but the download bundle contains nothing a Mac can use anyway. There’s a windows executable and another for Linux.

I am not on Facebook. But don’t sweat it. I just wanted to give you the courtesy of a heads-up that most of your site’s links might have been significantly nonfunctional on a Mac. Sounds though like I misinterpreted what were supposed to be functional links and it is actually working exactly as intended. So, oops, and sorry.


I agree that the colouring is confusing. It looks like links to me too.

I was wondering if one of you could re upload this game, since the original site seems to be down. I hope you guys still got it, this thread is pretty old.

Thanks to WayBack I could find some links, but they are all dead. The link used to be stevendetweiler.info/zips/TBSP.zip, that’s what I get when I click on “Click here to download Text-based Strip Poker: Tournament Edition.”. I also tried searching TBSP.zip in filestube, but there aren’t any backups.

Ah, the filename! Thank you; THAT allowed me to find it in my collection.
TBSP.zip (462 KB)

thank you so much for that link :smiley:

Holy crap! I forgot about this post! Anyway, I realize the original link is deprecated. I lost the executeables for Windows and Linux. I’m sorry. However, I did release a version for Android devices. I even added additional characters. So, if you have an Android device, the game can be downloaded at: play.google.com/store/apps/deta … 1_3b&hl=en

you can get at least the executables (if you’ve lost the source) there: download/file.php?id=686